Gopher Gala 2015


My fellow proofers and I took part in the first Gopher Gala 48 hour hackathon over the weekend (23rd - 25th of January 2015). It was loads of fun and our project turned out pretty well.

We'd love to get more people working on it and hopefully turn it into the ultimate social jukebox.

Gopher Gala

To paraphrase their website, Gopher Gala is a distributed hackathon where people submit projects written in Go (mostly) that were created in 48 hours. The projects are then judged by the community, with the top 20 then being judged by the expert judges and ultimately prizes awarded to the top 5.

Our project: Groupify

Groupify is a Web Based Jukebox for Spotify (powered by Go). It consists of a Go/AngularJS web application and a lightweight Go remote app that drives the Spotify OSX app via Apple Script.


The system consisted of 2 main components, the core web app and a remote component, with messaging between the two handled via 2 SQS queues.

  • Web Application/Core API - Go + AngularJS
  • Remote - Go
  • Messaging - Amazon SQS
  • 3rd Party APIs
  • Spotify Web API
  • Github OAuth

What's next?

We're super pleased with what we managed to put together over the weekend, but there's a laundry list of additional features we'd like to add (not to mention addressing some major stability issues).

Here are some features that we've been talking about:

  • Upvote/Downvote
  • Time based No Repeat logic
  • Song blacklisting
  • User penalty box (too many downvotes)