Codeschool is Awesome...

Codeschool is awesome... but it turns out that I hate frontend development.

I'm a huge fan of Codeschool and think that generally speaking I prefer the format of their courses over pretty much everything else I've encountered.

I've been hearing about EmberJS for awhile and have had it on my "Need to check out" list for ages.

Warming Up With Ember.js - Codeschool

Soon after that I found a compelling excuse to get stuck in when after some considerable time evaluating alternatives, a colleague decided to go with EmberJS for our big UI refresh at work. I asked about good resources to get started, and he pointed me at the "Warming Up With ember.js" course on Codeschool*.

I appreciate that each person learns in their own particular way, but I can confidently say that the Codeschool video + interactive tasks approach works for me.

After working through the course I came to 2 conclusions:

  1. Ember.js is phenomenal
  2. I hate frontend coding

If anyone is looking into getting into Ruby or JavaScript development, refresh their knowledge or just wants to pick up some new skills, I highly recommend the courses on Codeschool.

* Incidentally, it was my experience with the Ember.js course that resulted in me subscribing.