Learning Kanji with WaniKani

I finally decided take learning Kanji seriously, so spent some time searching for apps or tools that I could use. I ended up checking out WaniKani »

Ghost + Disqus

Well, I finally got around to adding Disqus to this blog. Integration was pretty straight forward, thanks to this post, except for the weird comment count »

WraithHost Roadmap

As part of the WraitHost experiment, I've come up with the following plan. Implemented Dynamic Router Ghost Core In-Progress Signup Portal Billing CLI Admin Tool Planned »

WraithHost Architecture

Project Completion: 60% I've decided to document the architecture of WraithHost here. These are the key components: Router - Hipache + Redis (Slave) Ghost Hosts - Ghost »

Codeschool is Awesome...

Codeschool is awesome... but it turns out that I hate frontend development. I'm a huge fan of Codeschool and think that generally speaking I prefer the »

Changes to Ghost

In general, I've made very few changes to Ghost itself. In fact all changes are limited to the config.js file. Config.js config = { production: { url: »

WraithHost - An Experiment

So I'd been curious about testing out the Ghost blogging engine for awhile (especially as I'm a huge fan of Markdown). I've also been doing a »